25 Series Spirogrinders


The SG-25 is a great machine for larger areas. It has a smooth feel and is built to handle the more wide open areas. This machine is designed for medium to large square footage jobs. Easy to use and built to handle the punishment that may come its way. The SG-25VS also offers complete control over rotation speed of rotating heads and counter-rotating table. The Spirogrinder system combines a unique 3-head counter-rotation system with specially designed diamond discs to grind dirt and paint off of concrete surfaces to leave a smooth, open concrete finish. Our unique dust control system makes the Spirogrinder the perfect choice for all dust free applications.

• Power (SG-25): 2 HP, 110 volt, 13 amp, 600 rpm
• Power (SG-25VS): 3 HP, 220 volt, 17-20 amp, 0-600 rpm
• Cleaning path: 24 inches
• Weight: 175 lbs
• Weights (2): 30 lbs (each)
• Cable length: 50 feet
• Dust Control Vac Port: 2 inches