16 Series Spirogrinders


The SG-16 is our entry level machine. It is ideal for small to mediumsized jobs, tight areas, and edge work. With a wide range of optional attachments for scrubbing, sanding, scarifying, and paint removal, SG-16 is capable of all types of floor preparation at a starter price. The Spirogrinder system combines a unique 3-head counter-rotation system with specially designed diamond discs to grind dirt and paint off of concrete surfaces to leave a smooth, open concrete finish. Our unique dust control system makes the spirogrinder the perfect choice for all dust free applications.

• Power (SG-16): 1.5 HP, 110 volt, 13 amp, 800 rpm
• Power (SG-16VS): 1.5 HP, 110 volt, 13 amp, 0-800 rpm
• Cleaning path: 15 inches
• Weight: 100 lbs
• Weights (2): 20 lbs (each)
• Cable length: 50 feet
• Dust Control Vac Port: 2 inches